Event Schedule

Event and Media Schedule

Stay up-to-date on all the happenings with Empower 2 Play Camp Haiti Hosted By Coach AK and Kako

  • Monday12-09-2016
  • Tuesday13-09-2016
  • Wednesday14-09-2016
  • Thursday15-09-2016
  • Friday16-09-2016
  • Saturday17-09-2016
  • Sunday18-09-2016
  • Monday19-09-2016
6:00pm EST

Arrival of Volunteers

11:00am EST

Cross Cultural Training

12:00pm EST

Welcome to Cité Soleil

9:00am EST

Morning Planning Meeting

12:00 PM EST

Media Day


Preparing for Game Day!

The team plans and sets up the fields for game day!

11:00am EST

Camp Day 1

11:00am EST

Camp Day 2

12:00pm EST

Volunteer Reflections